Akkerman is one of the World’s leading eyewear stores. They are known far beyond our beautiful Dutch borders and are visited by various national and international artists every week. They carry the most exclusive brands, carefully selected by a professional team with years of international buying experience.

To keep up with the market, Akkerman has been moved to a new retail space that perfectly suits the new brand strategy. The new retail space is bigger, more luxurious, future-proof, and ready to level the exclusive customer’s demand.

Inside the store, you will find a secret shop in shop area with top of the building exclusive custom glasses. This exclusive area is called ‘The Vault’ and is the first retail concept in the world with this level of luxury in the eyewear industry.

Akkerman Kruiskade is home to a  diverse audience. The selected pieces from Cartier, Dita, Tom Ford, Gucci Akoni, etcetera are perfectly matched to the luxury street and the more classic trendy people. We also work with the most beautiful Ray-ban glasses to provide the perfect match for entry-level.