The Italians have a word for it: sprezzatura. Better understood on the silver screen than in a dictionary, it’s equal parts confidence, refinement and that studied nonchalance exhibited by their style greats—people like legendary actor Marcello Mastroianni, whose incomparable ability to pair sharp black suits with imposing sunglasses is on display in countless cinematic masterpieces. It’s impossible to choose one best moment from amongst so many greats, but Mastroianni peering over a pair of Leo-esque sunglasses in Fellini’s 1963 masterpiece 8 1⁄2 must surely place near the top of any list. In fact, more than fifty years later this same unforgettable moment was selected as the official image of the 2014 Cannes Film Festival. Some things just never go out of style.
Get the Akoni LEO – Olive/Dark brown with AR Lenses at Akkerman Kruiskade, Rotterdam


Frame: 8 mm japanese acetate
Size/ dimension: 54/20-148
Hinge : custom titanium hinge plate w/ threaded tube screw system and custom screws and washers
Temple tip : branded titanium temple tip with custom screws
Wirecore : wirecore with custom shape, pattern and plating
Sun lenses : 4-base high contrast CR-39 w/ three layer anti-reflective coating (optical : light olive CR-39)
Country of origin : made in Japan

Additional information

Although they came from distinct backgrounds and different parts of the globe, the friends that joined together to form Akoni Group in 2019 were united and driven by one shared conviction.

They were certain that by merging their talents and experiences, they could create an entirely new type of luxury eyewear company that honestly delivers exceptional products by relying on only the best designs, materials, craftsmanship, technologies, and care. And the name they selected for this new venture made very clear the exacting standard that the founders intended to meet—Akoni, Latin for “priceless; worthy of admiration.”Perfectly complementing the founders’ experience and expertise, Akoni Group relies on the world’s finest eyewear craftspeople. These leading artisans, based in Japan, have long been celebrated for their unmatched precision, dedication, and skills. Their finesse and mastery guarantee the final quality that completes the distinct vision that lies behind Akoni, a new type of eyewear company.




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